Juan Manuel Torres

Juan Manuel lives in San Diego, California where he works for MindTouch as a Senior Software Engineer.

Originally from Bogotá Colombia, Juan moved to the US as an exchange student at the University of  Wisconsin, Madison. After spending a couple years in the Midwest, he moved to San Diego, California where he graduated with an M.S. in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

On his thesis, he wrote about a model of group behavior patterned after social processes that can be used in video games.


Programming Experience

Juan started programming back in 1999 using C. Later he learned Object Oriente Programming in C++ and Java.

With over seven years of professional experience in the technology field, Juan has developed different applications, tools, and services using Object Oriented best practices and a number of programming languages including PHP, Python, C#, and Scala. He is also interested in infrastructure automation, microservices, reactive systems and reactive programming.

AWS Lambda Sharp

Juan is an active member of the development community in San Diego and is a co-organizer of the λ# (Lambda Sharp) meetup, a group focused on Serverless Programming using C# and AWS Lambda. He has presented for the Python and PHP user groups on different topics including Infrastructure automation, automated deployments, and SOLID programming principles. 

Photography and other hobbies

In his free time Juan enjoys spending time with his wife, coding at the nearby coffee shop, going to the San Diego Zoo, playing fútbol, automating a vivarium for his lizard Connani and taking photographs. You can see his latest pics below. All images have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license!